Welcome to Van Syl Production.
In this creation vault  fantasy becomes reality.

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I am an artist for the genre Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Explicit Art and BDSM. I am an illustrator, author and composer – combining all my skills in my two life projects Terra Aluvis and Endless Night.

Terra Aluvis is a huge novel series with lots of illustrations and even an own soundtrack mainly based in the genre 12 - 18+ fantasy, on which I work since over 15 years.
Endless Night is my second life project I work on since 2013. It is a dark, dystopian 18+ cyber punk novel series. Just like Terra Aluvis it is a combined media story - told by written books, drawn artworks and by an own soundtrack.

I offer illustrations of various kinds – be it …

…  concept art or storybook
…  action scenes or sensual character scenes
…  marvellous fantasy landscapes or sci-fi environments
…  object or creature designs
…  in semi-realism or manga style
…  digitally painted or traditionally drawn

Typography and layout for book covers, t-shirts, websites, game cards, menu designs, banners, tatoos, manga comic strips etc. are possible too, as long as it is combined with illustration work (I don't do photomanipulation).
You are welcome to take a look at my gallery and enjoy the art I have already created. I am open to great projects as well as small commissions and look forward to working with you. My commission process includes an extended service that leads you safely from our first briefing to your successfully finished illustration piece. The workflow section will give you an idea of the commission process and its conditions in detail.
Here you find  my commission prices.
Furthermore you will find access to my epic fantasy story Terra Aluvis here – to the enchanting world, its creatures, characters and storyline. Feel free to read excerpts of the story and learn about the fate and concflicts that await those who wander on Terra Aluvis.

If you have any questions or are interested in commissioning me, joining our team Terra Aluvis or purchasing prints or books, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

– Nox

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